Friday, August 03, 2007

Welcome to cocodownunder part 2

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I'm hoping to have the old topics from the old website called cocodownunder over to this blogger in a few days time. Sure Wordpress was a dream to use. But in time I'll get the hang of this blogger.
And as Cris mentioned in a earlier email to me. In a few days time. He will have a storage area setup to hold the former zip file contents from the old website. So fellow coconuts you can all rejoice. Part2 of cocodownunder is up and running.




Mannequin said...

I've tried to register with the board but no luck. It errored out on me, but I still got the email saying I was waiting for someone to okay me being there. :P

Anyone care to help me out here?


CaptCPU said...

Hey mannequin! The board is a bit whacked, but works. Alas, all new sign ups have to have admin approval due to the huge spammer problem. I've activated your account and you should be able to sign in normally and read/post.

Angel's Luck,

PS And yeah, I'll get around to upgrading the board eventually. It's easy, just a major pain in the tuckus. heh...

Mannequin said...

Great! Thanks! I didn't know if you ever got the email from the board that I tried to register or not. :)