Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Edition CoCo Nutz! E-Zine

Mary Kramer and crew have published the latest edition of CoCo Nutz! E-Zine. Now subtitled, "The Life and Time of the Color Computer." If that sounds familiar, that's because Steve Bjork is doing the typesetting and layouts. :) It's gorgeous. There are now two versions to download; a print version with much sharper graphics, and a screen version with lower res pics, but much smaller file size. The screen version is fine for reading through, but high speed users will probably want to grab the print version of the pdf anyhow. Big difference.

This issue, Vol.2 Iss. 2, is packed with CoCo Goodness. I still haven't read through everything yet, but highlights include an interview with Steve Bjork, an interview with Sockmaster (plus some bonus Sockmaster one liners), and a review of Sock's Donkey Kong by Briza. I'll run it down a bit more in tonight's Sunday CoCoist. But in the meantime, get ye to one of the sites below and get to reading this latest issue. Top notch and two big thumbs up!

On Steve's Life and Times of The Color Computer site.
Kinda hard to find on, scroll down to "Non Categorized Content" near the middle of the page. Back issues are available here as well.

Angel's Luck,

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