Friday, June 20, 2008

Message Board Archive

I've done a crude text based archive of the CoCo Hut Message Board. If someone ever gets a chance to edit and format it nicely, go for it. ;) Basically I just dumped the entire contents of the MB, sans the admin forums, to a text file.

The current board configuration is too much to maintain. Alas, I simply don't have time to clean it, promote it, install the updates, and hold the spammers at bay. And I'm not comfortable asking someone else to take on such a massive job. (Special thanks to manequinn for his heroic efforts trying! He is truly one of the CoCo community's treasured participants and has my undying gratitude. As does everyone who posted and took a stab at it.) At this point, I'm inclined to remove it completely. Everyone's thoughts welcome before I do something, one way or the other. Pretty sure we can call it dead. And honestly, for the Hut's purposes, the blog posting format is a) perfectly acceptable, b) way more secure, and c) much easier to maintain.

This is step one in streamlining the entire CoCo Hut site(s) and making it easier and more friendly. This archive of posts is here:


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BAK. Sorta.

In the where the hell have you been department... :)

It's WAY too long a story. Lots of personal business to attend to and a career change have seriously messed up my CoCo enjoyment time these last many months. I DID scan through my private email ( account and see many CoCo related emails. I will endeavor to answer every one of the ASAP, with my sincere apologies to the senders. The weeding of the copious amounts of junk mail and advertisements is about finished.

Things have only slowed marginally for me, though, so I won't be on terribly much for the immediate future. However, I'm making a strong effort to spend more time with my beloved CoCo and will post those outings and opines when possible.

I'm posting a not-so-quicky on copyrights and CoCos that I wrote back in January (See below). This has ALWAYS been an issue with CoCoists, with a lot of misinformation floating around, so I decided I'd finally wieght in on the issue. This is not to stir things up, nor is it intended as any sort of final word. It's is strictly IMHO.

On the CoCo side, mostly I've gotten to pop in a program pack now and then. I also wrote a quick BASIC program to help my eldest daughter (8) with her math skills. It was actually a lot of fun. Not terribly challenging and nothing particularly new learned, but it's nice to find ways to actually use the CoCo in a practical sense. If you've done similar stuff, be sure to post about it! I think we NEED more "simple" stuff in the CoCo world from all levels of experience and expertise.

As for the site(s) and such, expect big changes as I come back online more and more this year. The first order business will be severely streamlining everything to make it more usable and compact. That includes only one site (this one) for everything. My inclination at this point is to remove the message board and all external, non-blogger material. Anything that can be posted to the blog format will be reposted. Following that, more contributors to the blog would be awesome. I'll post specifics as they happen.

My sincere thanks to Brian and the rest of the gang here for posting. And my sincere apologies to anyone I haven't responded to via email. The collector updates on eBay, the new CoCo experiences and the "where the hell are you?" messages are greatly appreciated.

Angel's Luck,