Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Back Fellow Coconuts

Been ages since I could post anything in the coco blog. Feels awesome to be back in the Blogger crew.



Review - take 2

For some unknown reason, my last post about these had some formatting issues... So, we'll try again...

Radio Shack Tandy TRS80 Color Computer MIB W/access

Well, I can understand why this one didn't sell. $50 seems a little high as a starting price.

Radio Shack Tandy TRS80 Color Computer MIB W/access

Well, I can understand why this one didn't sell. $50 seems a little high as a starting price.

Tandy Color Computer 3 COCO 3 with 3 disc drives mouse

This auction was an interesting one. Up until the last hour it was stuck at $56 and change. In the last few minutes it exploded. It surpassed by expectations by selling for as much as it did. I figured it would go for about $125 or so. Guess the rarity of the Amdek unit definitely added to the value of this one...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not much still....

As I sit in Alley Katz in Gainesville watching my family bowl, I figured I'd do something constructive (yeah right) and make a 'Hut entry.

After the last few weeks of CoComania, things have settled down. The mailing list has been fairly quiet, and there's not been a whole lot going on on Even eVil Bay is still slow (unless you are into Atari, Apple and Commies). So, I thought I'd go in another direction and talk about collecting in general. Is anybody still actively collecting? Are you using your real CoCos or using emulators? Currently my collections consists of the following:

3 - 512k CoCo3' (2 have 6309's)
My repack CoCo3 which is 128k (soon to upgrade to 512k), upgraded to a 6309, 2-3.5" floppies, 1-5.25" floppy, Roy's VGA adapter connected to a 15" HP LCD, MPI, and a Radio Shack multimedia sound system is being installed. All jammed into a Model III case.
2 - CoCo2's (one is a 3127B lowercase capable)
1 - grey CoCo1
1 - White CoCo1
1 - MPI I am trying to repair
2 - FD-501 (1 with 2 DS/DD 5.25's, and 1 with 1 5.25 and 1 3.5)
1 - FD-502 with a single DS/DD drive

I have misc. games, cassettes, and software.

The reason I ask is I have come across a guy want to get rid of a BUNCH of CoCo stuff. My issue is that I'm really not sure I need it, but, I'd rather buy it than see it land-filled.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


The CoCo trio who entered into the RetroChallenge Winter Warmup 2010 won!!! Boisy, Aaron and Jim brought the internet to the CoCo via Drivewire4, entered the Challenge and won. There's something very cool about the CoCo being in the spotlight again.

You can check out all of the info here:


Aaron's CoCo served homepage 

Jim's Project page 

My congratulations to the three gentlemen. This was a very cool project with spectacular results. If nothing else, it certainly raised interest in the CoCo again for lots of people. And hey, it finally gave me the kick in the ass I needed to clean a spot on my desk to set up one of my CoCo systems again.

Way to go guys!!! You deserved it!!!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Quick eVil Bay update

A quick scan of eVil Bay netted a couple CoCo3 auctions:

Tandy Computer 3 TRS 80 System & Joysticks Plus Games appears to be a run of the mill auction; CoCo3, switchbox, video cable, couple games and joysticks.

The next one is billed as This is the BIGGEST CoCo package to ever hit eBay. While it is a fairly complete system, it's hardly the BIGGEST CoCo package ever to hit eVil Bay.It DOES have a very noteworthy piece of hardware - an Amdek dual mini-disk drive system. I've never seen one of these in person, but, remember drooling over them in ads in the Rainbow... While it doesn't live up to it's billing as the BIGGEST, it may well be in the top ten in the last few years.