Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not much still....

As I sit in Alley Katz in Gainesville watching my family bowl, I figured I'd do something constructive (yeah right) and make a 'Hut entry.

After the last few weeks of CoComania, things have settled down. The mailing list has been fairly quiet, and there's not been a whole lot going on on Even eVil Bay is still slow (unless you are into Atari, Apple and Commies). So, I thought I'd go in another direction and talk about collecting in general. Is anybody still actively collecting? Are you using your real CoCos or using emulators? Currently my collections consists of the following:

3 - 512k CoCo3' (2 have 6309's)
My repack CoCo3 which is 128k (soon to upgrade to 512k), upgraded to a 6309, 2-3.5" floppies, 1-5.25" floppy, Roy's VGA adapter connected to a 15" HP LCD, MPI, and a Radio Shack multimedia sound system is being installed. All jammed into a Model III case.
2 - CoCo2's (one is a 3127B lowercase capable)
1 - grey CoCo1
1 - White CoCo1
1 - MPI I am trying to repair
2 - FD-501 (1 with 2 DS/DD 5.25's, and 1 with 1 5.25 and 1 3.5)
1 - FD-502 with a single DS/DD drive

I have misc. games, cassettes, and software.

The reason I ask is I have come across a guy want to get rid of a BUNCH of CoCo stuff. My issue is that I'm really not sure I need it, but, I'd rather buy it than see it land-filled.


mrnukem said...

I collect any type of vintage computer items. For the coco i have been picking up magazines here and there. My next goal is to get a TRS-80 Model I with Monitor.

Aaron said...

I wouldn't say I collect, but I have acquired some hardware in the past year.

I have 3 coco 3's, one of which is the first computer I ever owned (that one is mostly retired). both the others I got from ebay in the past 6 months. I've upgraded both to 512k and one has a 6309, it runs 24/7 serving up web pages. Someday soon it may run an internet BBS as well. The other is about to get shipped off for some upgrades that are beyond my limited hardware skills, so it can become my dev box (so I don't have to take the web server coco down when testing new code).

I recently ordered a Dragon 64 and look forward to learning more about those machines. I don't have any Coco 2s or 1s here any more so hoping the dragon can fill some testing roles as a 64k machine.

So, rather than a collection I would say that my CoCo's are "working CoCos" and they get used every day. Also have an MPI but no disk drives, so far thanks to DriveWire that has not been a problem, but I might try to get a fd system together at some point.

i just recently discovered this site, it's nice to see that you're updating it again. hopefully there will be more coco news to report in the near future.

Brian said...

I well know there is no such thing as having 'too much' CoCo stuff. However, at what point does it become detrimental to a marriage ;-).

I just got another CoCo3, MPI, mouse, RS-232 pak, 2 floppies and controller, so these can be added to my collection.

The whole story, tho, is:

All the CoCo stuff mentioned above plus the following:

Atari 800XL
Atari 1040STf
External floppy for ST
ST Monitor
ST Modem

2 - TI-99/4A's, with a bunch of carts and a speech module

TRS-80 Model IV

Most of my CoCo stuff is usable now and does get switched out occasionally.

Rex said...

I am still looking for a few things CoCo. I would be interested in a cassette recorder and joysticks or mice.

Brian said...

Heh... since my last post I have acquired the following:

1 - CoCo3 w/512k
1 - dual floppy unit with full height drives that need AT LEAST an alignment, with an FD-501 cart
3 - MPI's
1 - CoCo mouse
1 - RS-232 pak
1 - Speech Systems 'The Voice'
1 - WICO j/s adapter
1 - FD-500 cart
1 - FD-501 cart

I think I'm done for the year. Either that, or I'll have to move out...