Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Site: And we're off!

Greetings Programs!

For you long time readers and TRS-80 Color Computer fans, you probably, maybe can tell I've moved the CoCo Hut blog to Blogger. Unless you've got green screen eye burn, of course. In which case... never mind... everthings juuuuust fine...

For you new folks, welcome! This blog is all about the TRS-80 and Tandy Color Computer and it's variants and clones. The machine is usually refered to by it's nickname, "CoCo." :) The blog replaces the message board we use to have, so feel free to jump on in and post your own comments.

Blogger doesn't have a sort by subject feature yet, so for now I'll use keywords in the Title header. "Site" indicates news about the Capt's CoCo Hut website (and will replace the "site news" link on the site itself), "News" indicates a news item picked up from the CoCo community, and "Comment" indicates some sort of random ramble by yours truely.

Please remember, that only CoCoists and TRS-80 enthusiasts are going to be particularly interested in this blog. We're geeks, but we're cool geeks because we whack away on the coolest computer ever created! Did that sound vaguely obscene? Oops.

Hey, whatever wiggles your joystick, right?

Angel's Luck,
Captain Computer

Friday, November 25, 2005

Test Post

A little test post to check colors and all that good stuff.