Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ho, ho, ho Recent sales updates and more...

Going thru eBay this a.m. I found a few tidbits worthy of a mention. However, before I get to that, let us review some recent items of interest and see how they fared:

WICO Command Control Trackball for TRS80 Color Computer

This very nice Wico track ball sold for a measly $10. Wish I'd have had the time to follow up and bid...


Our little yellowing/beige friend sold for $15.50. Not too bad...

Tandy CoCo Rainbow Magazines

This one surprised me a little bit. A first year run of Rainbow sold for $62.00. Not bad, they seem to be in very good shape the collectible factor is definitely there.

Tandy TRS-80 128K Color Computer 3 + 12 carts CoCo3

Not sure, but, I'd almost consider $42.00 for this one thievery... Congrats to the buyer.

NEW BOXED Radio Shack TRS-80 Multi-Pak Interface

This did not sell. In fact, it's back with the same price, Buy It Now, etc...

Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer MPI/Multi Pak Interface

This may qualify for my rant for the day. This item has been relisted, still for the same ludicrous price and shipping. I'll go back a Model IV and service manuals I had shipped to me some time ago. The cost for this was $32.00 for a box five times the size necessary for an MPI. Aside from the unrealistic Buy It Now, the shipping is way out there also. Bidder beware (or avoid entirely...)

Tandy TRS-80 CoCo Color Computer 3 with 512KB Memory

This auction could possibly bump up the average price of a CoCo3 a little. I'm sure the 512k had something to do with the $79.78 selling price, tho... Cris, are you still keeping up the price guide?

Disto Super Controller II for TRS-80 Color Computer 3

I expected this to go for a little more than $92.00. Had I not just bought a garage and a buttload of Christmas lights, I would have bid on this myself. Awesome item!!!

Disto Memory Upgrade TRS 80 CoCo 3 ( 512k GOLD PINS )

I had no clue where this auction would go. $46.01 for a Disto 512k upgrade sounds reasonable. Good auction.

Vintage: Tandy 128K Color Computer 3 "NO RESERVE"

This nice CoCo3 with original box sold for a very respectable $57.00.

Vintage Tandy 128 COCO 3 Color Computer

Backing up my original feelings on this particular auction's price, this one did not sell...

Vintage Tandy Color Computers 2 & 3 with Accessories

I do believe the winner of this auction got the deal of the week. Hopefully my feeling of the CoCo3 just needing a GIME reseat will be all it needs. At $15.00, a very good deal.

I'm starting to see some new blood bidding on CoCo items. Hopefully they'll pop their head in and let us know how well the CoCo stuff works and maybe start contributing to the community.

Now, for some more current stuff...

Radio Shack TRS-80 color computer

Here's a slightly yellowed CoCo2 starting at $.99. Comes in original box. Manuals are apparently not there...

TRS-80 Color Computer Mini Disk with Color Controller

I'll bite my tongue about my feeling of reserve auctions... Shipping seems a little steep as well... Bidder beware.

This Seller...

Has got four separate Chromosette auctions...

Tandy Color Computer classic Chromasette Magazines

22 issues of Chromsette up for bid. Good starting price and shipping is very reasonable.

Lot of 2 TRS80 Tandy Color Computers

A CoCo2 and CoCo3 starting at $.99 with $15.60 s/h, which is reasonable for 2 CoCos. Both units look clean, however, the flash can wash out discoloration on vintage computers. Bidder beware and ask questions!!

That's about all I've found interesting this time around. I'll check back later this week or early next week. Merry Christmas!!!



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