Friday, June 20, 2008

Message Board Archive

I've done a crude text based archive of the CoCo Hut Message Board. If someone ever gets a chance to edit and format it nicely, go for it. ;) Basically I just dumped the entire contents of the MB, sans the admin forums, to a text file.

The current board configuration is too much to maintain. Alas, I simply don't have time to clean it, promote it, install the updates, and hold the spammers at bay. And I'm not comfortable asking someone else to take on such a massive job. (Special thanks to manequinn for his heroic efforts trying! He is truly one of the CoCo community's treasured participants and has my undying gratitude. As does everyone who posted and took a stab at it.) At this point, I'm inclined to remove it completely. Everyone's thoughts welcome before I do something, one way or the other. Pretty sure we can call it dead. And honestly, for the Hut's purposes, the blog posting format is a) perfectly acceptable, b) way more secure, and c) much easier to maintain.

This is step one in streamlining the entire CoCo Hut site(s) and making it easier and more friendly. This archive of posts is here:


1 comment:

Manny said...

Hey, glad to see ya back. Yeah, I think the board is d-e-d, dead. This explains why I'm not getting all of the "New User Created" (or whatever) emails now. :) Thanks for the honorable mention... Wish it could have gone better.

Hope to hear from ya more! :D