Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A bit o' updating and FILES!

Instead of working on the message boards like I'm suppose to be doing (it's installed, at last, just not fully configured... heh...), I decided to update the blog a bit. Mainly just tidying up.

I did, however, add a link directly to the piles o' files that Briza and Bob have been uploading to the Downunder section of the sever! And oh, baby, is there some good CoCo loving in there! Can't wait to see what they put in there next, but what's there should keep ya busy for, oh, most of your life. heh...

The linkage is on the right (under Files). I also added what little bit I've converted to disk and uploaded. Not much, but some fun stuff to play with. This is just stuff from my private collection, for archival purposes, but figured eventually it might be of interest to some CoCoists. And no, all the manuals and such aren't scanned in yet. I'm working on it, but I'm going to have to get a new scanner and finish off a few of the projects I've already got going before I tackle that one. I'd eventually like to host magazine and document archives, as well, but we'll see how it goes. The "official" CoCo Hut file list, from my collection and meager efforts, including programs donated by the original authors, is here.

Angel's Luck,


Briza said...

Hi Capt.

Bob and I ain't quite finished yet uploading files. I just uploaded 1 dsk image tonight. Its a top kick ass Golf Game. I'm quite impressed with it. Its called TeeOff.
I like it. Nice size graphics. All Joystick operation.
Btw Captcpu. I hope you have enough server space for the files. Also any chance you can tell us if there has been an increase in traffic thru here lately.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for filling my request from coco3.com for the Golf Game upload!

I just transfered over to my coco 3 and am enjoying it over morning coffee.

The files section is really turning out nice. I check it daily now. Thanks for your hard work!


CaptCPU said...

Can't wait to try the golf game. As for site statistics. It doesn't track individual files, just html page hits, but site traffic for the main page at http://coco.clubltdstudios.com is up about 20% on the month. I don't track impressions on the blog page, unfortunately, but I can look into it. Transfer rates are probably the most reliable (though general) indicator. Last month coco.clubltdstudios.com did about 188MB of data. This month it's hit about 1.4GB. Pretty good increase I'd say. :)

As for storage, as said, no worries. We're at about 1% of capacity at this point. Transfer away! ;)

Angel's Luck,