Friday, August 03, 2007

New(ish) VCC Emulator... It's great mate!

For the last couple of hours I have been trying out the VCC emulator.

I must say I'm very impressed, and will be using this from now on.
The only thing missing is output to a printer, which may not be important to a lot of people. Also, I wonder if RS-232 emulation would be doable?

I'll need to keep up with updates for this software.

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, Queensland, Australia

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Briza said...

Hi Fellow coconuts.

I think we are on a winner using VCC. I tested it out today. then thought I'd try the real disk feature. It was pretty good. But will be a lot better once Simon updates his Fdraw.Dll driver to write some of the coco copy protected disks in the emulator. So fingers crossed Simon can get it to work with our beloved coco copy protection routines.

So If you have not downloaded VCC yet. What are ya waiting for its perfect at its current state.



Brian said...

Hi gents,

Yeah, VCC is an awesome emulator. Been using it for about two months, tho I am a few updates behind...


Bob Devries said...

I've discovered some non essential problems with VCC.

Firstly, when I boot into NitrOS9, the system time is 12 hours later than it should be. My OS9Boot file has the clock2 module set for the Cloud9 clock module.

There seem to be some omissions in the keyboard emulation, also. There are two ampersand keys: Shift-6 and Shift-7 both produce &.

Some other keys seem to be missing from BASIC. I have yet to find a way to produce [ and ], which are Shift down arrow and Shift right arrow respectively.

I can't seem to use the RAW mode to access 5¼ disks in my 1.2MB drive. The 720K 3.5" disks work fine however.

Is there a place where these problems can be reported, besides here and on the forum?

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, Queensland, Australia

CaptCPU said...

Hey Bob,

Probably need to contact the author directly at

Really like the emulator, as well. Particularly that it's CoCo-pure and a lot less resource intensive than MESS was. No floppies hooked up to the PC here at the moment, but might give it a try using a USB drive. That should be interesting... :) I read someone was using it on a thumbdrive, which would be kind of cool. A CoCo on your keychain!

For those that are curious, I linked the Vcc home page on the right under Linkage. Most excellent emulation!

Angel's Luck,