Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stinkin' message boards :)

Well, apparently I ganked the stinkin' message board. Been trying to restore it for three hours, but so far, dead as a doornail. I shall take it up again on the morrow. Until then I ask, how gung ho is everyone for an alternate CoCo message board? Your thoughts?

I'm more than willing to do it, of course. I love it! But is it something that others are going to use? Let me know.

Angel's Luck,


Briza said...

Hi Capt.

Yeah go for it. If the old one is to hard to fix up then scrap it. We can handle a new message board if need be.



Brian said...


I'm all for another MB. Yours had subject material doesn't; repack info, OS-9 for newbies, etc...

I liked it because you could actually get answers from those who visited without getting a 12 paragraph dissertation on the origins of OS-9/NitrOS-9...


CaptCPU said...

Heh... Alright, I'll fix it and/or get it running. I'm going to do it up proper though and see if I can get a fresh install to upgrade properly (phpBB works great, but it's a royal mess to work with). I'll have a go... Many thanks guys.

Angel's Luck,