Sunday, August 05, 2007

How do I proceed with my DVD Compilation

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Ok. people how do you think I should proceed with my Dvd Games compilation set. I'm worried about how the community will react to this DVD set. Since we are talking about nearly every Coco game ever done. Not many games will be missing. And mostly these will be games by At home So

le programmers. But as for well known company games. They will be on this set.
I'm worried mostly about this DVD set being copied and sold on Ebay for a mint. As we are talking about nearly all the games. Plus Apps and other goodies as well. A fellow coconut had a great idea to market it on a word of mouth basis. Which I'm thinking of doing.

So if you have any ideas on how I should proceed let me know.




I wouldn't normally edit someonelse's post, but, I think this is important enough.

Briza, I would refrain from selling the item to anyone who has not earned the trust of the group. People like Hexstar and the guy who posted Ira's archive need to be left out of this all together. Newcomers should be looked at thru a jaundiced eye until they've proven themselves responsible. This will add to your work for sure, but, I think this will be the only way to monitor who gets the DVD.



Briza said...

Hi Brian.

Yeah thats a good point. The way it is now. Since Hex Star and the other fella who put IRA's stuff up on ebay. Have caused a great deal of suffering in the TRS-80 and Coco Mailing lists thru their actions.
This will be the main sticking point If I go ahead with my DVD Compilation. I don't want to see 20 odd years of hard software collecting go down the drain because of some As#-#####'s.

So I think that will be the way to do it. Through word of mouth only. So beware money suckers. It will be hard to get this compilation. As each set will be serialized.



CaptCPU said...

My two cents (well, it's probably more like 1/2 a cent... heh...): Forgot 'em. (And you can substitute the word "forget" with a different "f" word if you like.) Folks like that rarely have any staying power.

Newbies will be better served by robust legitimate collections and an active, helpful, and welcoming CoCo community. New and potential CoCoists are probably smart enough to detect and steer clear of a trouble maker. The number of legitimate posts that got ignored during the recent spats is just disgraceful.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it Briza. I'd go forth with your plans unchanged. If you let people like that derail you, they win. Let's see the compilation and get it out to the world. Damn the torpedoes!

Angel's Luck,