Monday, April 23, 2007

The Sunday CoCoist 4/22/07

Welcome to the first issue of the Sunday CoCoist.  No idea what this will be, or even if it'll continue (let me know), but I'm jazzed up on coffee and figure I might as well post something. :)

So let's start with a little stroll around CoCo-land and see what's up.  It's been a little quite on the ol' CoCo Front of late.  Things are cookin', though. So stay tuned.  Even still, there's some interesting stuff you won't want to miss.

First stop is Allen Huffman's blog.  Allen's blog is great because he's posting CoCoFest photos and videos, and it's a blast to go through them.  Now he's got more YouTube video of The Last Ninja up for viewing, as well as pictures from this year and last year's CoCoFest.  Allen's photo collection now contains CoCo conventions dating back to the 1994 AtlantaFest!  Let's see, there's also photos of the CoCo 3 prototype!  Also can't wait for Mary's Steve Bjork interview.  Did I mention I was an unabashed fan?  Well... there you go.  I hope Allen gets a chance to write up a little bit about some of this stuff and add some captions, of course, but just flipping through the photos is a blast.  Awesome and you'll probably spend a whole evening there poking around.

As mentioned earlier this week, Curtis Boyle has done some extensive updating on The CoCo Games List site.  Also included is an RSS feed, which means it's even easier now to stay up to date and feed the CoCo games addiction.  I mention the games list Curtis maintains a lot, but I should also point to the main site at since there's plenty of CoCo Goodness there as well, including the original Radio Shack CoCo 3 demo!

Over at CoCo Downunder, there's an interesting entry from Randy recounting some of the history and rumors surrounding Diecom and Dave Dies.  Excellent and fascinating reading. You'll also want to be browsing their recently updated download section for piles of CoCo fun. :)

I should probably add a rant or a ramble in here, but alas, it's bed time and I must work in the morning.  So, I'll come up with some good ranting for next week.  Both barrels.  Ha ha!  Okay, maybe we'll just do another news round up... but it'll be something. :)

Angel's Luck,


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Randy said...


Liked this entry. I'm a big fan of regular blog entries and this is the sort of the thing that would be good for the coco community... regular content.

Of course, I realize how hard it can be to write regularly. Hope to see more.

CaptCPU said...

Glad ya liked it. I can't promise to be 100% accurate and on time, but I'll make the attempt. Y'all just let me know what kind of stuff ya like and what ya don't.

I think a community blog would be a great boon too. But so far, community contribution projects don't do terribly well in CoCo land. The wiki is growing but could use a lot more. Roger Taylor started using PHP-Nuke for his site. PHP-Nuke is a full blown portal/story building/blog/board/all sorts of things system. It's pretty awesome and powerful. The way it's supposed to work is it gets opened up, like a wiki, for users to post whatever they want. Messed with it last year for the CoCo Hut, but decided it just wouldn't pull enough contributions to make it work. Figure it people are going to spend time contributing articles, reviews and such, they should send them to Mary, or post them to the CoCo wiki. Roger's doing a good job with it though, so we'll see.

Okay, I went a bit off track there... anyhoo... :) Glad ya like the Sunday CoCoist. I'll keep at it. :)

Angel's Luck,

Randy said...

Yeah, some community projects do seem to break down. David & Briza's site (Where I contribute) is a good start for a community blog, IMHO. I may be slightly biased though.

As for wiki's etc... It'd be nice to see them combined into one. I think there's at least 2 others that I know of. I don't have the links handy though.

Anyway, not much else to add. Keep up the good work.