Friday, April 20, 2007

CoCo Downunder Downloads!

If you haven't popped by CoCo Downunder lately, get thee there in a quick! Briza, David, Randy and Bob have added piles of great CoCo software including apps and games for download. Great stuff. Rare stuff you won't see anywhere else. Tis true CoCo joy. They've also started a OS-9 downloads section that contains stuff that might actually even get me to get serious about the OS. ;)

Hit it here:

Coco Downunder

Angel's Luck,


Note: This post was edited on 4/21/07 to update and add a correction. See Comments.

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David said...

It's not just Briza and David.. It's Randy and Bob too! Much of the new material is courtesy of Bob, so send the kudos his way instead!

- David

CaptCPU said...

Ah ha! Well then, Super Kudos to Bob! Many thanks, David. :)

Seriously folks, anyone having difficulty finding cool stuff for your CoCo needs to get to CoCo Downunder and jump in. Hot stuff!

Angel's Luck,

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt.

Yeah you can thank Bob for most of the OS-9 stuff. I have the images but never got around to doing docs with them.
I'm mostly doing the RSDOS stuff as I have been busy the last 2 years archiving them to the Pc. I think I should actually get around to putting the docs for most of the games up on the website as well.



CaptCPU said...

I think docs are one of the thing we need to see more of from everyone. I'm making a minor attempt to do some, but it's VERY slow going with ABBY Fine Reader Express. I'll post more to the message board here in bit.

Anyhoo, great stuff, keep up the great work and really enjoying it!

Angel's Luck,