Friday, April 20, 2007

@#$&*#ing Spammers

We now break from our regularly scheduled CoCo-loving for a quick word from our maintenance department:

All spammers must die.

Thank you.

I've spent the last couple of days fighting off an attack to my email accounts. Sigh. After 6000+ spams in 24 hours, I finally had to break down and turn on the servers spam filters. I use Yahoo Small Business Internet Services and their SpamGuard is actually pretty good. I just like to have all my mail and deal with it myself. heh.

Anyhow, I had to turn on the spam filters and ramp 'em up to the most aggressive level. As of right now, all legitimate mail I was able to snag has been answered. If you haven't had a response from me (and are expecting one) please drop a note here (hit comment below) and let me know. I'll get it fixed and email you right back.

And to my lovely secret spam admirer: I've tracked where you're broadcasting from, I know it's out of this country... but someday I will be ripping both your arms off and make you eat them. In the meantime there's a little surprise waiting for you at your hub connection. Enjoy figuring that one out, you @#$&*er. Have a nice day.

Angel's Luck,


Roy said...

Do you think the mention in Wintermute made you a target
for the spam?

CaptCPU said...

Naw. :) I suspect just being on the internet made me a target. heh! That and I keep deleting their accounts out of the message board. Most of it was coming out of Asia, with the bulk send coming from Hong Kong. Same place about 50-60% of the fake message board accounts are coming from. Best thing to do is just turn 'em off and let them beat themselves to death against the server filters. (I just like to see everything, ya know?)

But naw, I doubt Wintermute's post contributed much, if at all. He posted back on the 2nd and the spam didn't start rolling in until over two weeks later. I haven't seen any connection at all.

Angel's Luck,