Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Glow In The Dark CoCo

I haven't done much pimping on the CoCo mod all winter, so since it is the first full day of Spring, I figured I would at least get organized and clean up a bit. The Evil Lab was a complete mess, of course. Spring cleaning is always such a joy... the left over Christmas boxes piled high, the accumulated dirt and leaves from the fall/winter, the mouse droppings. Gak!

While I was out there slaving away (and setting traps), though, I hooked up the light bar I'll be using in the mod and fired it up. Just duct taped it in there to see how it fits. A few challenges remain, including cutting a few holes in the side to accomidate the switch for the light bar, one in the back for the molex connector for the mainboard, a hole to run additional power to the case (for fan and light), and one on the side for the fan. When that's done I can paint the top and then slap it all together and see how it works.

Anyhow, at least it's back underway. I remember when this was going to be a project for a couple of hours over a weekend. You'd think I'd know better by now... sheesh! I just thought it was cool the way the green light bleeds out the vents. The bar has kind of a liquid motion thang going on, so it's funky as it oscillates in waves like some kind of green, radio active slime is flowing through the case. Neat!

Angel's Luck,

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