Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bjork at CoCoFest

Armchair CoCofesting here, live from the chat room. Sigh. So far details have been scant, which means everyone is probably having a great time. :)

Earlier, SockMaster spent a lot of time in the chat talking up details of his amazing Donk Kong emulator for the CoCo 3. Fabulous. That's the big news this weekend, so far. And of course, a lot of the folks there have been pretty much playing it all day. I seriously couldn't belive the CoCo was doing that. heh!

There was a lot of chatter about doing more CoCo ports of old arcades. Hopefully, Sock's effort with inspire plenty more!

Roy stopped in this evening to share a few details. Alas, the webcam didn't go up... yet. Still a possibility of it going live at some point. maybe. Regardless, some of things he mentioned:

* A lot of video and pictures being taken, so hopefully we'll see some of those after the Fest.
* Steve Bjork is there. Yeah, that Steve Bjork. He brought a lot of stuff from the early and even pre-CoCo days including the Electric Crayon for the Model 1 and some of the original development disks for some of this games (including Zaxxon). Very good stuff.
* Mary video interview Steve. Can't wait to see that!!!
* Roy got a real life hug from Mary. :)
* He reports about 100 people (roughly) there, which would make it one of the bigger CoCofests recently.

Plenty of interesting chat going on and can't wait to hear more about the Real Fest activities! Unedited logs (what Briza and I could snag) of the chats will be up later.

That's it for now, but tune in and stay tuned.

Angel's Luck,

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