Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shhhhh... can you hear that...?

Well, that's the sound of nothing. And quite literally nothing has been going on this last week. No auctions really grabbed my attention, no major revelations in CoCoWorld this week - pretty much nothing. There was an update on the RetroChallenge website. Looks like our three intrepid entrants into the game are making good headway with internet enabling the CoCo via Java DriveWire. You can go to Aaron's home page for the complete play-by-play, and the page is being served from a COCo3 no less.

My only CoCoing has been with snipping out a CPU and throwing a socketed 63C09EP in it's place on one of my CoCo3's. I'll be posting more on that on my repack blog later...

I still haven't heard from Cris - the CoCoHut website is still very much MIA, so I hope he can get things straightened out.

Last about it for this entry.


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