Monday, August 11, 2008

eVilBay Rundown

Okay, there are a few interesting auctions on the 'Bay right now, so, without further ado...

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Spectaculator

Disk version of Spectacultor. If you don't recall, and I'd say you lived under a rock if you don't, Spectaculator is a spreadsheet program for the CoCo. I never used it so I have no idea of it's capabilities.

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Personafile

Disk version of Pesonafile, which is basically a personal database. Again, never used it...

Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 CoCo Color Computer Scripsit

Disk version of the 'Shack's word processor. If you like it for collectors purposes, I'd say go for it. For actual use, there are much better wp's for the CoCo (TW-64 to name just one).

Tandy TRS-80 Radio Shack CoCo EDTASM with ZBUG Editor

Disk version of EDTASM w/Z-BUG. If you want to do Assembly language programming on a real CoCo, you'll need this (or something like it.)

TRS-80 Color Computer Homebrew Style Drive & Controller

Just what the title says. If nothing else, the spare controller is a good find. They ain't makin' any more of them...

That's about all that caught my eye out of the current auctions. There is some hardware (meaning CoCo's) on eBay, but, nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, let's look at some recent sales:

TRS-80 Radio Shack COLOR COMPUTER 2 - Mint Condition

I'd like to have got this one. Looks to be an HJL keyboard on this CoCo2. Would've been worth it just for the HJL, IMO.

Tandy Radio Shack CoCo TRS-80 Color Computer FHL O-Pak

This FHL package, I think, would HAVE to fall into the ultra-rare categroy. In the three years I've been tracking the CoCo stuff, this is the first I've seen. Whoever zepplin71 is, I'm sure he's happy...

Lot Tandy TRS-80 CoCo Computer Friends Disk Magazine

Another one I'd like to have gotten my hands on. I know you can download the CFDM still, but, to have original with the hard copy, I dunno, just seems kewl...

Thant's about all for now. I've got another project coming up in a few months. My daughter's Girlscout troop is going for their badges in computers (who'da thunk it). Since I'm the only parent with any computer knowledge, I get to help them with this one. So I get to sit with 22 five to ten year old girls for two hours and give them the basics of computer use and terminology. Figured I'd also give them some exposure to the CoCo by having them type in a quick basic program on it. Maybe something that will allow them to print their name or something on a dot matrix printer.



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mrnukem said...

TRS-80 Color Computer Homebrew Style Drive & Controller is my auction. I recently bought this not knowing it had no power supply and I already have a main drive and a spare with controllers so popped it up on e-bay.