Sunday, January 29, 2006

News: Roundsup for January

A quick hit list of some of the news around the webstites....

If you haven't tried the CoCo Wiki yet, head over now. Here's the linkage:
A wiki is like a giant global encyclopedia on a particular subject where anyone (well, almost anyone) can post articles and information. The collaborative effort creates a wealth of knowledge, over time, as more people contribute. The CoCo wiki already has some great stuff on it. Recent inclusions include information on the 26-3022 mini disk system (the first Tandy produced CoCo disk system), a submission from the publisher of "the world of 68 micros" (some rather facinating comments there about the end days of The Rainbow, a start on a list of the CoCo Cat Nos with thier primary boards listed, and a great start on a hardware list. Jump on in and browse through there. The potential is to compile a huge amount of CoCo information and history into one place, way more than one person could do on a stand alone websiute. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Project page on The Rainbow on Disk project is pretty impressive. Keep up to date with the project at: has added a really cool gallery feature, with pictures of CoCos, games, hardware and all sorts of neat stuff. Graet for browsing, research, and don't forget to contribute! (And don't forget to submit your self and system pics to the Huts CoCoists section!)

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