Sunday, January 29, 2006

News: CoCo Lounge Updated

The CoCo Lounge at

has been updated nicely. Glen has posted a new More Marshmellows editorial and added several items to the CoCo store. He also shares with us some intriquing plans for 2006. Read the editorial for details, but here's hoping they all work out! (Heck, if even half work out it would be fantastic!)

Do scan down a bit on the site and check out the entry labeled Custom Made Hardware.

That's right, boys and girls. Much sought after CoCo Disk Drives! Glen was kind enough to answer some questions about these guys. (And when I say kind, I mean VERY kind... the man works more than any three people I know!) Things you should know:

One, these are truely custom made. Case, power supply, new or refurbished drives, it's all done by hand. You can even get a custom paint job if you like.

Two, they come complete with everything except the controller and cable. (You can usually pick up a controller on eBay fairly easy and the CoCo uses old floppy cables nicely, from what I understand.)

Three, considering the price, these are a steal. You could wait and wait and finally pay top dollar for a drive off of eBay that may or may not work, or you can get a new drive that's guaranteed to work a heck of a lot sooner. What's to think about? :)

Glen reports that he hasn't had a whole lot of interest in these yet. If you're looking for CoCo drives, please do email him and inquire! This is something the CoCo community really, really needs!!!

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