Wednesday, January 11, 2006

News: A Quickie News Update

Some very quick CoCo news to get caught up after the harrowing holidays... more details on some of these ASAP. :)

The CoCoNutz! Newsletter, Christmas 2005 edition is now available at One of the more interesting articles is a group of photos of various CoCoists systems, including a shot of the famous Cloud 9 lab South! Good stuff. Support this effort if you can. It's a wonderful thing! is also offering it's 2006 collection CD (off the main page at Looking forward to trying it out and will report when I do. CoCo3 gave everyone a nice holiday scare when the site suddenly disappeared right around Christmas. Yikes. In a post to the CoCo mailing list, it was apparently a porblem with the ISP and has apparently been cleared up nicely. Whew!

If you haven't been to The CoCo Lounge ( lately, drop by right away! Glenn has added quite a bit of new stuff to the store over the last couple of months. If you need it, check here first and save yourself the heartache of an auction. ;) There's also several game and software manuals up in PDF format. Looking forward to that project going forward. The most exciting news is a link down in the Departments section labeled Custom Made Hardware. I don't have any information more than what's there, at the moment, but if you need disk drives for your CoCo pop in there and have a look. Very promising and fabulous!

I haven't even gotten a dent in the CoCo mailing list yet, so I won't report anything out of there. Sign up at Most of it is way over my head, but it's well worth scanning through.

On the CoCo Hut, I'm writing hard on the CoCo Collector for January. This one's a bit different. I've got a new article on restoration coming up. The CoCoists section should be up shortly with shots of briza's collection (it's amazing, who knew there was that much CoCo stuff?!?) and my new CoCo area. That's right, no more TV trays! :)

Here's hoping everyone has a VERY happy New Year! Tune in and Stay tuned!

Angel's Luck,

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briza said...

Hi Captcpu,

Been dropping in, nice work on the new coco systems page, now the pics load fast, your's looking better now, more professional, mine is still a shambles, Oh well, That's my place of memories, doesn't have to be pretty, just practical i guess, now Captcpu, we're going to have to catch up and have a chat in the chatroom 1 day, I keep missing you, Why don't you schedule a meeting, and I'll make sure i'm in there. Carl says his going good with the coco to virtual disk, managed to copy some disks, not all, but in time, Carl will have a Kickass utility that does it all, fingers crossed. as for boisy's setup, makes me want 1 as well, ok, time to go, keep up the good work mate, take care.