Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What in the Blue Blazes is going on???!!!

Okay, I don't know what the deal is but Vintage Computer Museum Services has got a buttload of vintage computer stuff listed. It'll also take a buttload of cash to get the things he has listed; $70 for a CoCo Mouse? $116.00 for a Model III Clone Keyboard? Man I wish I had some of whatever he's smoking. Looking at a few of his past auctions, I'm pretty stunned. Someone actually paid $150 for Microsoft Windows 3.0 unopened NIB. Whatever.

There is a little CoCo goodness happening on EvilBay. EvilBay user crime420 has a few CoCo related items up for grabs.

That's about all that caught my interest for this round. Hopefully as the summertime wanes I'll be able to be a little more active.


1 comment:

mrnukem said...

I see his over priced auctions all the time and I refuse to buy from him. His prices are WAY out of line