Friday, July 25, 2008

eVilBay seller firehoarse...

Has a TANDY COCO 3 + RARE MULTIPAK INTERFACE in BOXES listed for $649.00 Buy It Now or Best Offer (eVil gRin). So me being the smart ass I am, I bid $15.00. That expired without a response. So this morning I went back to bid $10.00. I was greeted with this:

Hello random_rodder! (Not you?)
Unfortunately, this seller has decided that you are not permitted to place best offer on their listings. You may contact the seller via the Ask Seller Questions feature if you want additional details.

Please note: You may not use other eBay accounts to place best offer on this seller's listings. Doing so may result in your indefinite suspension from eBay.

I thinks it's humorous. But I do think it's quite ridiculous to be asking the kind of money he is for these items. The MPI and CoCo3 in a box would be worth no more than $100, IMHO, and that depends on the condition. The CoCo3 looks pretty good, but without other pics it's hard to say for sure. The MPI looks okay, maybe a little yellowed, but again, it's hard to say from just one pic. Of the two items in this auction, only the MPI would be considered hard to get hold of. There are two other auctions on eVil Bay for Coco3's right now. And you can get a grade A fully tested and guaranteed CoCo3 from Mark at Cloud9 for $50 + shipping. Add another $40 and you've got a 512k CoCo3. So yeah, this auction gets my vBSOD for the day...


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