Tuesday, December 05, 2006

News: OS-9 User's Forum

BrizaOS9 has a great new forum with a CoCo related board here:

Index :: The OS9USER'S

Covers a wide range of topics including "What's New In The CoCo." Jump on in and join the fun. :)

Also... (spoiler warning), Briza will be joining us shortly in The CoCo Collector to provide his take on vintage CoCo games and, of course, anything else that pops up worth commenting on! Stay tuned!

The CoCo Collector

Angel's Luck,


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OS9USER said...

Hello. I was reading your blog,and found it interesting.Anything I can do , to help you along, just ask.

Briza is a great resources for the coco community, I have the programming experience,so together, we make a great internet news team. (including coco)

I would have sent this using email, but you have no public profile, so this was easier for me.

CaptCPU said...

Crap, there isn't an email link here on blogger for me! Heh! I never noticed. :) I'll fix that right away.

I agree, Briza is a HUGE resource for the CoCo Community! Definitely, looking forward to reading your forum frequently. I'm somewhat OS-9 illiterate. :/ Love poking at it, but can't do anything with it yet. I'm thinking when I get the new CoCo build, I'll have NitrOS-9 burned in to it and just force myself to use it every day. Around that time I'll probably be asking questions daily. heh!

Angel's Luck,

brizaos9 said...

Hi Fellow Coconuts,

As of Today, The forums I was Running with G at os9forums.land, Is going to be taken off-line.
Seems That hackers have got in and takened out G's Admin rights, So until further notice, I'll be just doing the usual posts in Captcpu's website or Roger's at www.coco3.com



CaptCPU said...

Man, that seriously sucks. Sorry, but those people aren't hackers, they're vandals. Idiots. Ahem... Sorry, been working all day. Grump. :P

If y'all want to set one up on the CoCo Hut board, let me know.

Angel's Luck,