Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Survey Results

Completely forgot to post the results of this! :/ Before getting to the results, allow me to point out that future polls will be conducted on the CoCo Hut Message Board, not on the website itself. Hey, anything to make my life easier, right? :P

Okay, so this latest survey asked:

"What Color Computer related gift items would you like to see in the CoCo Hut gift shop?"

The results:

More T-Shirt Designs: 28.6%

A CoCo Journal: 28.6%

CoCo Buttons Stickers: 14.3%

A CoCo Mouse Pad: 14.3%

CoCo Underwear: 14.3%

CoCo Postage Stamps:0%

A CoCo Hat: 0%

More T-Shirt designs went up earlier, including the most requested, a large image of CoCo Man. I really want to do more, but so far ordering, while nice, hasn't been strong enough or regular enough to warrant paying the subscription fee to CafePress professional. Maybe I'll just break down and do it, do a bunch of different designs and see if sales pick up enough to justify the costs. Gotta spend money to make money, right?

(All the proceeds from sales of this stuff goes to paying the web site bill, by the way. If there's any extra, and so far there hasn't been, I'll probably just buy more CoCo stuff. heh!)

I also added a mouse pad, but it's the CoCo Hut logo. Eventually I'll do something more CoCoish. And underwear? Underwear??? Okay. I can do that. You want boxers or thongs?

A journal is actual in progress, but is a MAJOR pain to get right. You'll understand when you see it. Should be neat though, but don't expect it for awhile. I'm working on it in between things. I will plug the coffee mug here. Very cool. Enjoy mine tremendously. Only sold three so far, but it's well worth it. All the CafePress stuff has, thus far, been very nice.

The other thing I got several request for was a CoCo calendar. Unfortunately, couldn't compile enough CoCo images to get the job done. sigh. I'll keep taking picture this year and see if I can get enough together to do a 2008 calendar. i can do that, right? Right.

Second question was:

"If there was one thing that would have your CoCo grinning like an 8-bit fool this holiday season, what would it be?"

A Cool New Game 28.6%

More Memory 28.6%

The Superboard! :) 28.6%

Mass Storage 14.3%

A New OS 0%

More memory is easy. Go to Cloud-9 and get it while the getting's good (no telling how many are left, or when more will be made!). Do it. It's an easy upgrade, takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and you're way better off. A cool new game, well, hopefully in 2007 we'll see some of the many game projects going on at the moment finish up. In the meantime, pop over and snag the Sierra Games Mr. Major converted for the CoCo. Something to use that new memory on! And, of course, the Superboard would be nice, but it sure sounds like it's going to be worth the wait.

So there ya go. One more survey down! :)

Angel's Luck,


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