Sunday, December 03, 2006

Comment: Happy Birthday!

December 6th will mark the official one year anniversary of the CoCo Hut blog! Woo hoo! (I don't count the first two posts in November. heh.) Many thanks to everyone who pops in here and reads. And a special thanks as well to all who have posted!

Don't forget to pop by the companion website, blog, and message boards at:

Capt's CoCo Hut
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2007 should be a great year at the Hut. There's a major revision of the site coming in the Spring (I hope... it's been tricky putting it together.) Maybe a preview here soon after the holidays. ;) I'll hopefully finish off the CoCo mod project and get another started.

And of course, I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about everyone else's projects. I can't recommend enough the blogging thing if you're going to try it. It's a great way to share your experiences with all CoCoists. Sharing that stuff is important. If there's one thing the CoCo has a long tradition of, even more than any other machine, is helpful folks helping other helpful folks. That's a lot of help.

I think it's time to start up something specifically for the beginners and intermediate CoCoists who might be a little intimidated to jump on in sometimes. I get email about that frequently. So, that's another thing on the agenda for the next year... though I haven't quite gotten much of an idea on how to go about it. We'll keep at it and come up with something fun. :)

For the CoCo, 2007 should be an amazing year as well! We'll keep our fingers crossed that the Superboard from Cloud-9 will be done. However long it takes, I'm certain it'll be well worth the wait. Mark and Boisey of Cloud-9 make some of the most wicked CoCo stuff out there. Highly recommended.

We'll also, if all goes well, see the release of the Rainbow on Disk project. This project will collect every single issue of The Rainbow magazine from Falsoft into an easy to search DVD format. With all the ads, articles, one-liners, helpful tips and other goodies! The boon for researching alone will be enormous. And when you get stuck on something, the answer from the experts of yore will be a mere search box away. Yeah, I may be more excited about this than anything else!

Don't forget the Asimov awards over on YACCS. You could win a cash prize for your programing efforts! Just don't forget that the deadline is January 31st, 2007! Get to coding! (And yes, my entry is almost done... well, mostly almost... heh.)

Of course, there's also the CoCo DVD from Roger Taylor coming up, and don't forget the CoCo Nutz! newsletter over at Can't rave enough about the stuff you can order from Roger. I'm STILL plowing through the massive CoCo Collection CD I got from him. It's a bargain and twice the price (now go order it before he raises the price!). :)

There's plenty of exciting things going on for the CoCo. I'm hoping 2007 will welcome many more new and returning CoCoists to our midsts. Hey, the CoCo hut is one year old. There's no party, but raise a beer (a pint, a brew, a wine cooler, or what have ya) and give a cheer! Here's looking forward to many more years to come! :)

Angel's Luck,

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brizaos9 said...

Hi Captcpu,

Congrats on reaching 1 year for the blog. Well Done Mate.
Hopefully 2007 will see us having new Games and Software packages, As They are still bringing out games for the other 8Bit machines why not our beloved Coco3.