Tuesday, September 12, 2006

News: CoCo Lounge Adds Other Tandy Page

Glen VanDenBiggelaar of the CoCo Lounge has added an Other Tandy Computers page to the site. While not specificly Color Computer related, there's two things I'll throw in here: 1. They were excellent computers for their time and it's fun to scan through the info he has up about the CoCo's successors in the Tandy line. For a VERY brief time, the original 2000 was even called by some "The Super CoCo." :) The Tandy 1000, in 1984, was a PC Jr. clone (close enough), but did carry over the CoCo's joystick ports (no adding a special card for joystick support... thanks CoCo!). In addition, at least two of the 1000s had an all in one CoCo-like case (the HX and EX). 2. These machines were in production at the same time as the CoCo. Indeed, the CoCo outlasted most of them! So here's these "better" PCs sharing the same shelf space as the CoCo 3, and the mighty, might 6809-guy is holding his own. Gotta love it. :) Check out Glen's page at http://www.thecocolounge.com/other_tandy.htm

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