Saturday, September 02, 2006

Comment: Getting Ready to Fall into the CoCo

Spring is said to be the time to start anew, but here in Okieland, Fall is just as good! The temprature drops from a toasty 106 deg F to a more reasonable mid to high 80s. That means I can get back out in the Evil Lab and do some CoCo work. Woohoo! So, while it's not technically Autumn yet, it's close enough for CoCoing purposes.

I have two main projects I'd like to accomplish before the Holidays. First is to finish off at least one decent game. Not a fantastic game, mind you. But one that's playable and enjoyable. :) Since I've got at least three in various stages, I'll have to pick one, hunker down, and finish one of them off. The second is to do some form of mod on one of the CoCos. I haven't quite decided exactly what to do yet. It has to be within my meager abilities. Might be something as simple as gutting and completely disassembling, desoldering, socketing, and reassembling a CoCo 3. That would be fun and educational. Or maybe just cutting it up and putting it something else. I dunno. What would be cool and useful?

What CoCo projects do you have lined up for the Fall and Winter? Drop an email or post a comment to the blog and let us know!

There hasn't been a whole lot of CoCo news of late, but here's a quick browse through the old hitlist bookmarks with things that caught my eye. If you see something, drop a comment or email this way!

As reported before, but it's worth repeating, over at, Roger Taylor is preparing the CoCo DVD. This wickedly cool looking project will put oodles of CoCo goodness on your big screen for browsing with your remote control. Nothing better than curling up with a big tub o' popcorn, a beer, and a great movie featuring our favorite Bad Ass 8-Bit. "I am sick and tired of these m$@#&*%ing Commodores, on the m!@#$&*%ing plane!" I'd rent it. :P Also, dont't forget to stop in at the chats, the message board, and the photo gallery, all of which are top notch. The Gallery section in particular is getting fuller and is an intesting peek inside the lives of CoCoists from around the globe.

Not a whole lot of action at Capt's CoCo Hut. It has definately been the summer of the blog. I did get some new neato Microdeal cassettes and big pile of Tandy disks to try out. Probably spend my vacation at the end of October writing those up and getting them posted in the museum. I suppose I should eventually get back to the Surveys too, on account I think I was suppose to do that back in, oh, March or something. Heh. How about "What does your CoCo want for Christmas?"

The NitrOS-9 Project did get a nice makeover. No new content, alas. But I did get around to ordering up the 6809 version of Level II on disk from Cloud-9 (they are still taking software orders, just write 'em a note). Unfortunately, it requires 40-track drives and I only have the 35-track FD-501s at the moment. It's one of those, I'll get around to it when I have the extra cash to buy drives, things. But I am looking forward to playing with it.

L. Curtis Boyle's CoCo Game List keeps growing and getting better and better! If you haven't been by in awhile, pop in there and have a good look. This site is one I pop in from time to time and randomly click on links. There's games on there for the CoCo that you've never heard of, but would probably love to play!

chazbeenhad has posted an amazing Pac-Man game for the MC-10 by Greg Dionne! Wow! Who knew the 10ner could do that! Not to mention the rest of the site is fantastic, with some great stuff for the CoCo's sibling. Be sure to grab the MC-10 emulator while you're there.

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