Saturday, August 05, 2006

News: CoCo Nutz E-Zine Published

The new issue of the recently renamed CoCo Nutz! E-zine, Volume 2, Issue 2, has been released by CoCoist/Editor Mary Kramer. This issue features an interview with CoCo game programing wizard Nicholas Marentes. The online 'zine recently underwent a name change from "newsletter" to "E-zine" to reflect the growing size of the publication.

CoCo Nutz! E-Zine is hosted at

The issue also includes articles by Jim Cox, Bob Devries, Brian Palmer, one liners from Richard Kelley, a fix for LPOKE by Rodney, the first part of a series on getting your CoCo 3 to do colors like a CoCo 1/2 by Jason Law, and a new Mine Sweeper game, The Mission, by Diego Barizo. Throw in the usual interesting bits and a review, and this is one of the best issues yet! Kudos to Mary and all the contributors for another fine issue!

CaptCPU 8/5/06

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Anonymous said...

Hi Captcpu,

Yeap, The last issue of Coconut's newsletter was Execellent, Mary deserves all the kudo's , For the Hard work she puts in that newsletter.
Would be great to see a game done, Based on Mary's Mayhem, Be a very funny game to play for sure.
How about you sending 1 of your little mini-games into the next issue.



CaptCPU said...

Mary's Mayhem would be a fun a game. :) I'll see if I have anything finished in time for the next one. Maybe... The mini-games I've got so far are really just me relearning to program, but I'll polish a few off and see if I can get 'em posted over the next few weeks. Just don't want to disappoint anyone... seriously, they're meager at best. ;)

Angel's Luck,