Sunday, August 06, 2006

News: Coco Commercials

I've been bad about my CoCo reading, so I'm playing catch up this week in the lists and forums, and trying to visit all the CoCo sites I can looking for updates. Should turn up a few items to post. :)

This is a neat site and was posted at the forums by navydave:

That's right CoCo fans, it's the CoCo on TV! There's two Radio Shack commercials on this page for the CoCo 3 from 1987. Tandy was positioning the machine as a hobbyist home computer for the whole family. Heavy emphasis on games, of course. Still, pretty neat. And the CoCo 3 was only $129.95 that Christmas! Everyone who paid over $500.00 for thier first CoCo, raise their hands.

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