Friday, April 07, 2006

News: BitBanger hits 115200 bps!

Feeling the need for speed?

Well, then feel the CoCo love...

Roger Taylor of has announced to the matledmedia CoCo list that he has achieved a 115200 bps connection between the CoCo and the PC using the CoCo's sorta-RS232 port, AKA The BitBanger. The announcement was on April 4th and the digest was Vol 32, Issue 12. Holy crap! :)

Mr. Taylor also has a cable available now at to hook the PC up to the CoCO. Cost is US$12.95 (+shipping). The cable attaches to the CoCo's serial port (The BitBanger) and to the PC's DB-9 serial port. And you thought you'd never use those old PC serial ports again? ha! The DLOAD transfer software for Windows is currently available for download to assist in transfers. You can, of course, use standard communications terminal software on both ends to transfer stuff in either direction.

I'll be ordering as soon as the government sends my refund. Of course, I'll post a comment here as soon as I get it up and running.

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