Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to my second post in as many weeks!!!

Had a few spare minutes on the clock today and figured I'd post an update of some current EvilBay auctions and review some of last weeks sales, while listening to Nickleback. Heeeeeere we go:

Early TRS 80 Color Computer Printer Manuals Modem + NR

Not sure how I missed this one last week. Looks to be a very complete set up with a bunch of software. I did notice a Franklin Ace 1000 sticker taped to the top of the CoCo... hope someone hasn't taken my Apple II improvement plan and done the reverse... (not likely, I doubt they would have kept the chicket keyboard...). If this interests, you, better hurry up, only 10 hours left!!!

TRS-80 Vintage Computer Disk Drive Manual Tandy TRS-80

Here's a CoCo2 with what looks to be a FD-501 setup. Current price of $16+ isn't bad considering it includes the computer, drive and controller.

TRS-80 with Tandy Disk Drive FD 501

And here we have a decidedly yellowed CoCo2 with what appears to be a single drive FD-501. Just a little note from personal observations, the yellowed items tend not to be selling lately. At all. Says too me that most who are buying may be the hard core collectors right now.

Like new TRS-80 Color Complete system

This is a rarity... when an auction title actually represents (or is close to it) what is being sold. Here's a (mostly) complete, in original box, CoCo2 (Canadian), with a few gmes and joysticks. BBW: 16k Standard basic machine. The pic of the machine looks very clean. If I was in the market for it, I'd buy...

Vintage TRS-80 Mini Disk Computer Drive

Looks like a complete 26-3029 FD setup in it's original box.I'd be shocked if the price stays at $10.50, but you never know...

Tandy 128K CoCo 3 , Disk Drives , Cassette ,and Extras

Good starter setup for someone wanting a CoCo3 to play around with. Not sure about the shipping, tho.... seems a little high.

That's pretty much it for now. Looks like CoCo auctions are slowing for now. As I mentioned earlier, I have noticed that mainly the good or very good condition items are getting any $$ right now. If memory serves, this is the time of year for that to happen. I know I will not have any money until the end of this month so I'm out of contention for anything I find of interest. Even then, my wife has two grand worth of dental work that needs to be done so I doubt I'll be doing any CoCoCollecting for a while... Anywho.. lets take a look at last weeks auction and see if anything shattered the CoCo 'verse.

Vintage Tandy TRS-80 System Radio Shack Color + 2 Games

This auction and


are good examples of what I was talking about. The second one looked to be an awesome CoCo2, complete with box, and had fewer accessories (no joysticks) and very collectible. The first was in OK shape and had a few games, but, look at the price difference...

Tandy CM8 Coco3 Color Computer RGB

If you HAD to have a CM-8, $27 + (guess) $20 s/h is not a bad price. But, for less than that, you could get Roy's VGA adapter and be cocoing on an LCD...

TRS-80 Mini Disk, Keyboard, Dot Matrix Printer, Games

Not sure what held the price back on this auction, the shipping cost or the yellowed equipment. Though, the DMP-105 is kinda hard to get ribbons for...

REMIX Disk Drive OS9

Hmmmph.... $1.04 for this custom 2 drive setup... what a steal!!!

Tandy Color Computer Orchestra 90-CC

$11.07... guess that's probably an average price for one now. I paid $15 for mine, I think.

Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer + Extras VINTAGE NR!

Our beat up friend went for $10.49. Probably worth it just to check out what the mods were... of course I'm strange that way.

Color Computer Printer Interface

Went for under $5. Good buy.

Tandy Color Computer Disk Drive Lot

$62.89 is a very good price for this FDC & FDD lot, assuming it all works...

Printer interface for Tandy Color Computer

This printer interface went for a good bit more $$$ than the other one, $24.00. Good device, probably worth it.

TRS-80 Color Computer 3 CoCo 3 - Super Clean Condition

Nice CoCo3, sold for $41.00. Not a bad price at all for am incomplete but VERY clean CoCo3.

As I said earlier, things appear to be slowing down a bit. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on things to see what items are selling and also if it's the more pristine items that are getting all the attention. That alone may help boost the CoCoMod/repack scene a little bit if folks start picking up yellowed and neglected units on the cheap.

Till next time,

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