Friday, January 04, 2008

Okay, well, not later in the week...

Sorry for the delay in getting back here... life interfered. I can sympathized with the good CaptCPU about that. Been busy as a politician during campaign season ;). Figured I'd stop in and see if anything was going on, other than Cris changing the geek moment. Prefer the TRS-80 commercial to the code monkey!!! Anyway, figured I'd check out EvilBay and see what's going on, CoCo-wise that is...

Vintage Tandy TRS-80 System Radio Shack Color + 2 Games

Here's a nice looking CoCo2. Appears to have all the normal manuals a couple xtras. Shippings a little tall since it's in Canada, but, still worth it to some.


Nice looking, mostly complete 2 and the price is right (maybe a little low considering that past CoCo2 have gone for a good bit more).

Tandy CM8 Coco3 Color Computer RGB

Looks to be a decent CM-8, with a little cosmetic blemish. Nice to collect, but, with Roy's VGA adapter I can't for the life of me think why you'd want to use a CoCo3 with this dinosaur.

TRS-80 Mini Disk, Keyboard, Dot Matrix Printer, Games

Looks likea chunk of CoCo equipment in this one. CoCo2, 3029 FD system, DMP-105... anything that can yellow looks like it has. I think the $70 shipping may be a bit overboard, tho...

REMIX Disk Drive OS9

Quite interesting custom drive setup. I'm pretty sure it'd work under DECB, but, only utilize 35 tracks instead of the 40. Not too shabby.Wish this seller posted shipping in his auctions...

Tandy Color Computer Orchestra 90-CC

Speaks for itself...

Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer + Extras VINTAGE NR!

HOLY BEAT UP COCO's BATMAN!!! Aftermarket keyboard, some mods... I'm curious to know what the cutout hole in the top is for... Things been rode hard and put away wet. :(

Color Computer Printer Interface

If you're looking to use your CoCo with an RS-232 based printer, here's your ticket...

Tandy Color Computer Disk Drive Lot

The mother load of FDD auctions... all would be worth having.

Printer interface for Tandy Color Computer

Here's a Blue Streak serial to parallel printer adapter. I have one of these units and it works great to interface my CoCo3 (2 or 1) to my Okidata 320T. (I think they all come with the black electrical tape down by the Centronics plug...)

TRS-80 Color Computer 3 CoCo 3 - Super Clean Condition

Good looking CoCo3. Starting bid is good, so is the Buy it Now if you're in a hurry for one...

Well, that was pretty much all I saw of interest this time around. Now let's takea look at some of the sales from my last post (way back in December.. yeah, I know, I suck at keeping up to date...)

Radio Shack TRS-80 color computer

CoCo2 went for $.99...

TRS-80 Color Computer Mini Disk with Color Controller

FDD and controller sold for $34.50. Not a bad price, tho mode is unknown.

Lot of 2 TRS80 Tandy Color Computers

CoCo2 and CoCo3 sold for $11.05. Good price.

That's about it for now. If life doesn't interfere, I'll check back next week and see what's interesting.

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