Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Collector entry...

It has been a while since Cris, myself, or anyone else has done a CoCo Collector Entry. Hell, it's been a while since I've done much of anything at all CoCo related. SOOO, you can imagine my surprise when I checked out the TRS-80 section of eBay and saw 164 entries. I figured there had to be at least a few CoCo related items.... I was right. The thoughts expressed below are my opinion only, and in no way express what anyone else here may think...

Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer MPI/Multi Pak Interface

Here's a nice looking gray first generation MPI that's is priced WWAAAYYYYY too high.

NEW BOXED Radio Shack TRS-80 Multi-Pak Interface

Here's a nice looking, boxed, white first generation MPI with a $99.95 Buy It Now!. This much easier to handle, price wise. And, it'd go well with a nice white CoCo 1 (Cris, are you paying attention...? :D )

Tandy 128k Color Computer 3 Non - Working

Well... if you are looking for a charity case, this one may be it. Seller says it has a bad RF unit, but did not state if he tried the composite out. Either way, this thing looks like it was rode pretty hard...

Tandy TRS-80 128K Color Computer 3 + 12 carts CoCo3

And now we have a well loved CoCo3 with 12 carts. The CoCo3 is obviously used, and would definitely be a candidate for repack material. The carts are probably loose with no blister packs (none are shown), so if you are looking for cart games to play, and a CoCo3 for repacking, this is a perfect auction for you!!!

Tandy CoCo Rainbow Magazines

Hehe... our own NavyDave really wants these Rainbows... lol. This seller has several lots of Rainbows up right now.

TRS-80 Color Computer 3 CoCo 3 PBJ Memory Boards 4 pcs

This is a VERY interesting auction. PBJ 512k bare memory expansion boards. I would think these would definitely fall into the RARE category.


Holy yellowing computers Batman!!! this thing has turned almost a lite beige color. One would have to hope it was a poor color choice for a paint job!!!

And finally, under the 'you don't see this everyday' category (unless you own one :) ):

WICO Command Control Trackball for TRS80 Color Computer

Had one of these back in the day. A must for playing the Centipede variants on the CoCo!!!

Now that my schedule is calming down (wife had surgery, house is closed on, garage is up), I will be back here a little more frequently. Christmas time is nearing and I've got a ton of lights to hang, and need to finish my light controllers also. But I'll be popping in more frequently...

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