Friday, October 12, 2007


Been a while since I've been able to check in here, works been a b!7@h lately. We finally closed on our house last week, wife came thru her surgery without a hitch, so my time may be freeing up a little bit finally. I am signing (today) to have a 24X36 garage built, 16X24 will be workshop space for me and my numerous hobbies. I should be back closer to normal in November. BTW, anyone hear from Briza lately?



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navydave said...

I emailed him earlier today about a game, havent heard back yet, but that was only at like 10am this morning.

CaptCPU said...

Work kickin my butt as well. :( Got several CoCoish things coming up, though. Hopefully I'll be able to get a post up late next week. Hopefully Briza and the rest of the gang will check in soon as well. Hope alls well with everyone.

Congrats on closing! :)

Angel's Luck,

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.

Sorry I have not been in lately. I have lost my internet account. Owe money so no way I can get online in Yahoo or MSN until its paid.
Also I have not wanted to be noticed since my breakup. I just wanted to be a hermit for a bit. But good news is in say a month or 2 I should be back on-line and doing what I do best. Find those damn hard to find coco goodness games.
But I can tell you so far. I have located games I was looking for. just need to get access to my Pc and coco setup to make dsk images from the real floppies.