Monday, January 29, 2007

CoCo TV Ships

Just received email from Roger Taylor announcing that the CoCo TV DVD, Disk 1 has shipped! :)

The CoCo TV DVD is a three disk package. It collects all sorts of great stuff including game captures, video from CoCo Fests, schematics, and music. All done up in a professional DVD package. Should be quite entertaining. The three DVDs are currently priced at $19.95 and available from

Disk 1 is available now with the other two forthcoming. Get your snacks and beverage of choice ready. It's show time in CoCoville! Who needs the Superbowl. Okay, I do, but I'll be cutting to CoCo TV during the halftime show. :)

I'll give it the full Ebert treatment as soon as it arrives, of course.

Angel's Luck,


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