Saturday, May 13, 2006

News: Hawksoft releases two for the CoCo

Christopher R. Hawks of Hawksoft has released two new CoCo goodies.

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25818 Hunter Rd.
HARVARD, Il 60033

The first is CDF OS9. The software allows Color Computer users running NitrOS-9 (version 3.2.6 or later) to read PC CD-ROMs! Your CoCo see's an inserted CD as a hard drive, so it works with everything OS-9. It does require an IDE controller and CD-ROM drive hooked up to the CoCo, of course. All the more reason to get one! :) The price is US$25. Contact HAWKSoft for more information.

The second is an RGB to S-Video converter that allows you to get a nice sharp screen from a standard television set. Just plug your CoCo into the S-Video ports on your TV and you're off! HAWKSoft sold out of this device at the recent CoCoFest in Chicago (I can imagine every single attendee wanting one!), so as I report this there is a small waiting list, but it shouldn't be long. Get on the list now. :) Price $45.00. Contact HAWKSoft for more information.

CDF OS-9 should be wonderful for those that have IDE controllers hooked up and who are just looking for an excuse to buy a CD-ROM for the CoCo. (Do you really need an excuse? Didn't think so, but I'm here to help feed the adiction.) The ability to read what is basically a PC drive, and anything on it, should be a boon for archiving and moving stuff back and forth. The RGB to S-Video converter will help eliminate the need for old monitors once and for all. The CoCo is once again a plug-it-to-your-TV device, only now with the crisper image from an S-Video signal. Two thumbs way up!

I'll report in on the RGB to S-Video converter as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, if you're looking for a sharper picture for your CoCo, doesn't sound like you can go wrong with this one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Captcpu,

Yeah, That's great news, We could do with more OS-9 based software, that can let us use CD-roms as our drive, could have all our software on the CD, and have access to it all the time, no more swapping disks, 1 CD does it all.
Now Some new Games for OS-9 would be good.