Monday, May 22, 2006

News: File2DSK 1.0.6 Now Available

Chipple has released File2DSK 1.0.6 and DSKExtract 1.01, updates of his wicked easy to use DSK creation and extraction programs.

The updates since the original release for file2DSK fix a couple of bugs, lets Linux users compile the code, and allows non-alphanumeric characters in the file names. The latter now applies to DSKExtract as well. If you CoCo on a PC, you need these utilities. :)

Addendum (5/26/06): see comment. Chipple has posted version 1.07 of file2DSK! Who rocks? That's right. Chipple rocks. :)

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Patrick (chipple) said...

Thanks for passing the word! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Capt and Chipple,

Yeah isn't Capt a nice Guy, all this free Advertising, All we need now , is for others to jump on board and write some Games and other nifty Utils for the Coco.



Patrick (chipple) said...

There's now a new File2DSK version 1.0.7 that supports file type 3 ("Text editor source file"). Very minor update, but just in case!

CaptCPU said...

My pleasure. And thank you for the great utilities!

CaptCPU said...

From what I hear, we should see quite a bit of output this year from CoCoists. Some really nifty games, utilities, and hardware. Not all of it nearing development soon, of course, but definately in the works. Should be an exciting year :)