Monday, March 20, 2006

Site: Project: CoCo Rescue!

I've been considering doing something like this for awhile now, but just couldn't get around to working out the specifics and making the pages. Well, that's done. Here's the situation:

I often get email from folks requesting CoCo stuff. Usually it's disk drives, or specific games, or a particular type of CoCo, or a programming tool. If I've got an extra, I send it out. I don't charge for this. I just feel it helps the CoCo community to get this unused stuff out in the world and in use.

The other side of the situation is the occasional email I get from folks wanting to unload their collections. I know, sounds crazy, but it's true! ;) I try to guide these folks to a place where they can sell their stuff. Of course, I encourage them to post on, if they just want to get rid of it. None, that I know of, ever has. Which worries me, because this stuff probably just ended up in the trash.

And, of course, every now and then I get someone asking if I want to buy their collection. Which I'm willing to do, but only the items I need for my own use, or for my collection. Unfortunately, in the two cases I've encountered so far, the seller wanted to unload the whole lot for a price that was, how shall we say, a bit outside of my budget.

For that last case, I can only recommend eBay, or a local collector. For the others, I offer Project: CoCo Rescue!

The purpose is two fold. One, to encrease the CoCO Hut Collection. That's the self serving one. Two, to get those unwanted CoCo items out to CoCoists that can use them. Details are here:

This is basically the arrangement I've made with a few people wanting to unload, and the folks I've sent stuff out to. No idea if it'll work, or if anyone is interested, but I figure it doesn't hurt to put the info up in the event someone is interested.

So, if you got stuff you want to unload, email. If you need something for a project or a collection, email. We'll figure something out. :)

Angel's Luck,

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