Thursday, March 09, 2006

News: Ladderman in Development

CoCo programmer Richard Kelly was kind enough to send information and a screen shot of his new game in developement, titled Ladderman 2. This arcade game is being written for the CoCo/CoCo2/CoCo3 and I have to say, looks spectacular! Features will also include a full level and graphics editor, so you can make and share your own Ladderman 2 levels. System requirements to be determined, of course. Wicked good stuff!

Mr. Kelly also posted recently to the message boards regarding the game.

No release date yet, but here's some words from the author regarding progress so far:

Capt's CoCo Hut: Is it ML? Run under OS-9 or RS-DOS?

Richard Kelly: ECB in RS-DOS, but I plan on transferring it to ML using C-BASIC 3. I'm wanting smoother action and more memory.

CCCH: Will it work on a CoCo 3 (and if so, will it interpret the artifacting for an RGB monitor)?

RK: It's been running fine on the CoCo 3 so far. As for monitor-based support, I'll have to see how many more features I can put in the game with C-BASIC 3 before I can answer the monitor question.

CCCH: And of course, most important, when do you expect it to be released and how do we get it?

RK: I haven't set a release date yet, as my work hours are downright ridiculous right now. It's taking forever just to get the level editor put together. But the game will be released for free. The game's level editors and graphics editors will be included along with the game. I'm doing it this way because I know that making a game hacker-friendly often helps it become more popular. I expect to make it all downloadable in several formats: ARC, DSK, and DMK.

CCCH: Like I said, the one screen shot looks fantastic!

RK: The current version of the game has a status bar and animated torches. Also, Briza is working on background textures for the game. I look forward to checking 'em out when he's done. :-) Although I've finished the animation for the torches, since the texture for the game's background isn't done yet, any screenshot I send you could be obsolete in a week or two. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I'm pleased that the project is getting so much positive feedback. Rock on! :-)

Rock on, indeed! Can't wait for this one! :)

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