Monday, February 13, 2006

News: RGB to SVGA Scan Converter Available!

RJRTTY has created what sounds like an amazing scan converter for the Color Computer 3. The device takes the CoCo's normal RGB output (that little plug thingie on the underside of the case) and turns it into a SVGA signal. Read: You can hook your CoCo up to any PC CRT or LCD monitor! Too cool, or what? :)

Here's the details from the creator himself:

My device is an upscan converter built exclusively for the coco3. It transforms the RGB video output from the socket under the coco3 into SVGA video that can be displayed on any modern CRT or LCD monitor.

It uses the Averlogic AL875 analog to digital converter and the AL250 scan doubler video chips. The unit has an I2C interface and an on board ATtiny12 microcontroller. It activites on power up or external reset. The coco3 can also bypass the microcontroller and program the components directly through the video cable via the I2C interface. Features include graphic overlays, border colors and custom video signal timing adjustments.

The asking price is $48 which is just enough to cover the cost of the components including a power supply. The price is so low because it is my first time producing a product for sale and I want the experience and because the device is badly needed in the coco community with compatible monitors becoming increasingly hard to find.

I don't have a website yet but that is coming as soon as I get the time to look into it. Right now I am concentrating on assembly to meet current demand.

The quality of construction and output of the device is very good. It is approximately 6 inches square and 1.5 inches high very compact and neat design and the video quality is comparable to an emulator screen. Ask on the list for the opinion of anybody who currently has the device. There are approximately 10 people who have it. I have a waiting list of about 20 people right now and I can assemble 3 units a week ( and still have a life).


Can' wait to see what can be done with the programability of this device, though I'm sure we'll be seeing some creative uses soon.

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