Friday, February 18, 2011

Last post here...

Howdy folks. The title says it really. Four years ago, when Cris asked me if I'd be a contributor here, I was shocked as I was still relatively new to the modern CoCo scene. I'd spent a little time starting my current collection, and in turn commented to his 'CoCo Collector' posts regarding eBay auctions he had discussed and I had won. Cris then asked if I'd write occasional posts to the blog and I gladly accepted.

Fast forward four years, and I have way too many projects to keep track of. I've got my hardware testing, website, repack blog, and many others too numerous to list. Pre-accident Brian could have handled all of this, but, it's all a little hard to handle now. Too easy to get frustrated, disappointed and aggravated; something has to give. Unfortunately, it's gonna have to be the blogging. Since the blogs have been the areas that have suffered, they are gonna go. Both of 'em.

The CoCoHut is Cris' blog; he started it and he can make the decision to close it when he sees fit. He's been AWOL for quite some time - I haven't heard from him in over a year.

I will not be leaving the CoCo Scene. My latest project has been the creation of an actual forum, which can be found here. Slowly, I'll get the contents of the repack blog transferred over to the 'Mod My CoCo' section. When that's done, I'll close the repack blog also.

This was a tough decision, but, I've got to lighten the load some. It's been a fun ride, and I hope everyone will join us over at the forum.



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