Friday, September 07, 2007

Dead DSL, CoCo Fun, and Assembler

My DSL connection has been dead as a doornail for a week now. Arg! I have three Webkins addicts in my house, so basically my life has been a living hell. heh...

On the upside, being "offline" did give me some quality CoCo time! Woo hoo! Mainly, I played with a few BASIC routines, which I'll share when they're cleaned up, and practiced a bit of Assembler. The latter is slowly starting to make sense in my befuddled mind. Of course, knowing 6809 assembler is a lot different from being able to program in 6809 assembler. Just relearning basic programing technique and constructing simple routines is still a challenge for me. But I highly recommend the endeavor, even if you only have a bit of time to devote to it each week. Even just getting something simple to work in BASIC is a blast. It's like that old thrill I got the first time I powered on the CoCo and spend two weeks in front of it, pretty much non-stop. Fabulous!

While on the topic of programming, pop over to the CoCo Hut message board and join in the fun there, as well. There's a BASIC board for programmers, and plenty of other interesting bits including Pimp My CoCo, CoCo Downunder, and The CoCo Collector. Hell, if someone will moderate it (and post to it regularly) we'll even add an Assembler or language-of-your-choice board! Oh, how about a programing games on the Coco forum? You know, design considerations, tricks, help, that sort of thing... Would anyone post to that? ahem... anyhow...

You do need to register and get authorization to access the board, but we hope to make the bit of trouble worth your while. :)

Angel's Luck,

PS For everyone I owe email and/or stuff, please hang in there. It's coming! :) Might be Sunday or Monday night before I get caught up. I DO have to fit in some quality World of Warcraft time as well, you know??? Heh...

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