Monday, July 10, 2006

News: The New CoCo Collector

The new CoCo Collector is now started. This new blog version replaces the old monthly format. See the first post for the full explaination. :) The short of it is: The Collector was getting too much to maintain by sitting down one evening and trying to wack it all out at once. The blog format let's me do it in bits as time allows. Much easier. It also let's me list auction listings elsewhere, outside the news blog. The Collector was also becoming just a rehashing of already over auctions. Valuable for compiling data, of course, but pretty damn boring to read. Not to worry, the boring bits will still be there, but this will make them easier to skip over if you couldn't give a rat's ass. Just skip straight to the Comment parts. And if you do like that stuff, well, dig in. It'll be in there from time to time as well. Finally, it's another piece in maintaining my sanity. Granted there aren't THAT many peices left, but we work with what we're given, right?

Angel's Luck,

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